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Adel El Siwi

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Adel El Siwi

“Most of every painting I confronted in awe was a source of stories to tell; canvases that recounted stories of places, creatures and things. Seldom have I been impressed or taken aback in surprise by abstraction; only stories manage to shake me in awe…..Only works with symbols, codes, forms, values, signs and narratives are those that I consider embody the best achievement we have created as humans…..”

Personal Data

Born in Behera, Egypt in 1952. He currently lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.


1970/76    MD from Faculty of Medicine – Cairo University, Egypt

1974/75    Independent studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Cairo, Egypt

Awards and Achievements

1995          Translation of Leonardo da Vinci’s “Theory on Painting”

1996          Initiator of Experimental Community Art Project in Kom Ghurab, Old Cairo

1997          Member of Supreme Council of Culture, Egypt

Select Group Exhibitions

2008     Cairo Biennale – Cairo, Egypt
2008     Arabia Italia – Chelsea Art Museum – New York, USA
2008     World into Art: Artists of the Middle East – British Museum – Dubai, UAE
2005     Mashrabia Gallery – Cairo, Egypt2003     Arab Canvas – Dubai, UAE
2002     Contemporary Egyptian Art – Beijing China
2002     Ateliers Arabes – UNESCO Hall – Beirut, Lebanon
2001     Contemporary Art in Egypt – Mexico City – Mexico
1999     12 Contemporary Egyptian Artists – The Arab World Institute – Paris, France
1998     Bellektin- Moderling – Dolmabachi Cultural Center – Istanbul, Turkey
1997      Modernity & Memories: Recent Works from the Islamic World - Venice Biennale – Venice, Italy
1997     Alexandria Biennale – Alexandria, Egypt
1997     Trans African Art – Orlando Museum of Modern Art – Florida, USA
1997     Sans Frontiers – Gallery Micheline Fallet – Geneva, Switzerland
1996     Biennale of Sao Paolo - Sao Paolo, Brazil
1995     Modern Egyptian Art Exhibition – Marseilles, France
1995     Korean Cultural Center – Paris, France
1994     The Arab World Institute – Paris, France
1994     Rencontre Africaine – National Gallery – Johannesburg, South Africa
1986     Foreign Artists in Italy – Innocenti Palace – Florence, Italy

Select Solo Exhibitions

2008     The Face and Beyond/Au Déjà du Visage – Le Violon Blue – Tunisia
2007     Siwi Faces – Art Space – Dubai, UAE
2006     My Stars – Mashrabia Gallery/ Espace Karim Francis – Cairo, Egypt
2005     French Cultural Center – Alexandria, Egypt
2004     Illusion Art Gallery – Kuwait City, Kuwait
2003     Al Riwaq Gallery – Damascus, Syria
2004     Agial Gallery – Beirut, Lebanon
2003     Ammar Farahat Gallery - Tunisia
1999     Ekhnaton Gallery – Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
1999     Vision Egyptienne D’Eternite – Ville D’Agde, France
1996     Egyptian Academy – Rome, Italy
1995     Mashrabia Gallery – Cairo, Egypt
1993     Mashrabia Gallery – Cairo, Egypt
1993     Epreuve D’Artiste – Beirut, Lebanon
1992     Mashrabia Gallery – Cairo, Egypt
1990     Papiry Gallery – Berlin, Germany
1990     Mashrabia Gallery – Cairo, Egypt
1989     Koreuber Gallery - Berlin, Germany
1988     Mashrabia Gallery – Cairo, Egypt1987 Cairo Atelier – Cairo, Egypt

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