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Amira Behbehani

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Amira Behbehani

“…When someone asks me what is your profession, I say: I paint!! Then I get this feeling within me that that is the only thing I know well, I understand well and makes me feel well. I am always drawn by the concepts behind the human figure and thoughts. My work is mainly about theories and studies and it involves concepts I wonder about….”

Personal Data

A Kuwaiti self-taught artist, Amira Behbehani was born to a Kuwaiti Father and an Iranian mother in 1964 in Kuwait.


She began painting with Algerian artist Hamza Banou


was awarded the Prize of Artist’s Achievement by Layalina was awarded the Arab Women Award – Kuwait.

Other Activities

Feb 2010 Participated in JAMM auction – CAP Kuwait
Jan 2011Participated in JAMM auction – CAP Kuwait
Aug 2011 Designed the Label for Kiehl's Creme de Corp, along with Zaha Hadid, Nadine Kanso & Aysha Depala & proceeds went to Make A Wish Foundation - Dubai.
2011 Got involved in an international peace organization called Peace One Day which marked Kuwait as the first Arab country to celebrate peace on the 21st of September 2012. From 2012 to 2014, on Global Peace Day 21st September, she organized charity art events in support of PEACE ONE DAY – UK at CAP Kuwait.
Nov 2012 Participated in JAMM auction – CAP Kuwait
2015 Amira became a member in the organization Abolish 153.

Select Exhibitions

2004 First solo exhibition “Teacher and the Apprentice” at Dar Al-Funoon Gallery, Kuwait.
2006 ‘Unity & Diversity’ exhibition at Dar Al-Funoon Gallery, Kuwait.
2006 Participated in ‘Artists 4 Lebanon’ exhibition in Gusto gallery, Kuwait.
2006 Submitted a painting for Canvas’ (a magazine devoted to art and culture in the Middle East) 1 year anniversary in Dubai.
2006 Exhibited at the Institute De Monde Arab- Paris.
2008 Exhibition “20x30cm” in Dar Al-Funoon for Bait Abdullah, Kuwait.
Mar 2008 Exhibition of Arab Woman Artists at Al-Waqif Gallery, in Qatar.
May 2008 Exhibition sponsored by Banana Republic-US in Kuwait.
Feb 2009 Exhibition “Kingdom of Attachments” at Sultan Gallery, Kuwait.
Mar 2010 Exhibition “Traces of A Scent… Jawaher” At Courtyard, Bahrain.
Jun 2010 Exhibited in a group show at Boushahri Gallery, Kuwait.
2010 Exhibition “20x30cm” in Dar Al-Funoon for Bait Abdullah Kuwait.
Nov 2010 Exhibited at FA Gallery - in collaboration with Kiehl's, Kuwait.
Jan 2011 Group Exhibition at Boushahri Gallery, Kuwait.
Mar 2011 Group Exhibition with 5 other Arab artists in Tilal Gallery, Kuwait.
May 2011 Group Exhibition with 5 other Arab artists at FA Gallery, Kuwait.
Jun 2011 Participated in MENASART - Beirut.
Sep 2011 Participated in the opening of Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait.
Nov 2011 Group exhibition organized by JAMM @ CAP, Kuwait.
Nov 2011 Participated in ART ISTANBUL, Istanbul, Turkey.
Feb 2012 Exhibition to fund the Hayatt Charity Foundation, sponsored by Banana Republic-US, at FA Gallery, Kuwait.
May 2013 Group exhibition to fund the movie “I am spring” at FA gallery, Kuwait.
Sep 2013 Participated in “KURSI” exhibition with CAP-Kuwait at Kuwaiti Artists and Designers Terminal, Budapest, Hungary.
Oct 2014 Group show at Boushahri Gallery, Kuwait.
Jan 2015 Participated in a charity art exhibition organized by YOURAOK – Gust, Kuwait.
Jan 2015 Participated as one of the WPMP Ambassadors in the exhibition “Culture of Peace”, Tehran, Iran.
Mar 2015 Group show at Dar Al-Athar for the Dubai Art Forum in Kuwait.
May 2015 Group exhibition “ABOLISH 153” – CAP Kuwait.
Aug 2015 Group exhibition “What’s Your Location”, Brazil.
Feb 2016 Group exhibition “Women’s Work” for the Essex Feminist Collective to raise awareness and funds for two South-end women’s charities, held at Beecroft Gallery, Essex UK.
Apr 2016 Group exhibition for K’spath animal shelter at Boushahri Gallery, Kuwait.
Apr 2016 Curated a show with a group of artists “LINES” at AM gallery, Kuwait.
Sep 2016 “15 Year Journey” at Contemporary Art Platform, Kuwait.