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Essam Darwish

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Essam Darwish

“As I start my work I leave myself open to all ideas, forms and materials. Cylindrical forms very much suit granite while bronze on the other hand is more flexible When I hold a piece of granite in my hand I have to give it not only my full respect and total appreciation but also very special attention, thereby getting what I want from it.”

Personal Data

Born in Cairo April 28, 1970, Darwish is a professor at the Faculty of Arts – Helwan University - Department of Sculpture.


Darwish received his Ph.D. in sculpture from the Faculty of Arts – Helwan University in Egypt.

Awards & Prizes

First Prize                  National Competition for Plastic Art
Sculpture Prize       Youth’s Gallery
First Prize                  Exhibition of “Sculpture from Nature”


Bronze Statue “Ibn Fernas”                               Cairo International Airport, Egypt
Bronze Statue “Saleh Selim”                            Al Ahly Club – Zamalek – Cairo – Egypt
Polyester Statue “The Tower”                          Lebanon Square – Mohandessin – Giza – Egypt
Granite Statue “Venus”                                    Edfu – Aswan
Marble/Stainless Steel Statue “Together “ Dubai – UAE
Marble Statue “The Philosopher”                   Library of Alexandria – Egypt
Red Granite Statue “Ras”                                Open Granite Museum – Aswan - Egypt
Statue “Woman Alarmed”                              NOMAC – National Museum of China
Statue “The Olive Tree”                                    Qanrato Venerato – Greece
Statue “Building”                                                Al Gouna – Hurghada – Egypt


Egyptian Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition – Serbia
Egyptian Contemporary Sculpture Exhibition – Sanaa - Yemen
2006               “Today’s Stars”– Ofok Gallery – Giza - Egypt
2006               “Faces of Egypt” – Library of Alexandria
2009               Portrait Sculpture”– Innovation Center  - Alexandria
2009               “Continuity – Al Masar Gallery - Cairo
2010               “Corpus Humanus”   - Al Masar Gallery - Cairo