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Huda Lutfi

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Huda Lutfi

“Huda Lutfi works like an urban archeologist, constantly digging up found objects and images as loaded fragments of history. She then re-packages them using bricolage and collage as interceptive strategies. Thus recognizable objects, images and icons are hijacked, re-contextualized and made to tell a different story. Playing on collective memory and a shared iconography, Lutfi somehow blurs cultural timelines and boundaries………”

Personal Data

Artist lives and works in Cairo, Egypt.


1983   PhD in Arab/Islamic Cultural History, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.


2010               Artist Residency, Kunsthalle Nikolaj, Copenhagen
1999–2000    Ford Foundation Artist Grant, Cairo, Egypt
1997               Second prize at the Biennial for Women Artists of the Mediterranean in Marseille, France

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- The British Museum
- Jean-Jacques de Flers
- Indianapolis Museum, Indianapolis, USA
- Muscarelle Museum, University of Virginia, USA
- Fortis Circustheater Foundation, The Hague
- The World Bank, Egypt
- Darat al Funun, Amman, Jordan
- The Law Court of Bahrain
- The American Uiversity in Cairo


2010   Basel Miami - Miami
2010   Southeby’s  - London
2010   Ayyam Gallery - Dubai
2010   Artcurial - Paris
2009   Christi’s – Dubai

Select Solo Exhibitions

2010    Making a Man Out of Him, The Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
2009    Portraits Revisited, Gallery Frederick Moisson, Paris
2008    Zan’it al-Sittat, The Third Line, Dubai, U.A.E
2006    From Egypt with Love, The Third Line, Dubai, U.A.E.
2006    Arayis, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2005    Beyond the Surfaces of Things, Falaki Gallery, the American University in Cairo, Egypt
2005    Retrospective of Recent Works, Al-Riwaq Gallery for Contemporary Art, Bahrain
2004    Making Faces, La Bodega Karim Francis Gallery, Zamalek, Egypt
2004    Femmes Plurielles, The French Cultural Center in Alexandria, Egypt
2004    Movements of the Alif, La Bodega-Karim Francis Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2003    Found in Cairo, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2002    Dawn Portraits, Fortis Circus Theater Gallery, The Hague, Holland
2002    Retrospective, La Bodega-Karim Francis Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2001    Paintings by a Contemporary Egyptian Artist, The Muscarelle Museum of Art, Virginia, USA
1998    Recent Paintings, Xenios Gallery, Frankfurt, Germany
2000    The New in the Old, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
1998    Conjuring the Past, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
1997    Magic and the Image, Terra Viva Gallery, Uzes, France
1997    Woman and Memory, Ewart Gallery, The American University in Cairo, Egypt

Select Group Expositions

2010    My World Images Festival, Copenhagen
2010    Dakar Biennale, Dakar
2010    Why Not? Palace of the Arts, Cairo
2009    Golden Gates: Contemporary Art from the Middle East, F & A Projects, Paris
2009    Icons Reloaded, Elysee Art Gallery, Liege, Belgium
2008    Breaking News: Contemporary Art from the Middle East, F & A Projects, Paris
2008    Umm Kulthum: The Fourth Pyramid, The Arab World Institute, Paris
2008    Trilogy, Palace of the Arts, Marseille.
2007    Contact Zone, The National Museum of Mali, Bamako
2007    What is Happening Now? Palace of the Arts, Cairo
2007    Contemporary Art from Egypt, The Museum of Modern Art, Bonn
2007    Al-‘Arusa, Ahmad Shawqi Museum, Cairo, Egypt
2007    Arabic Calligraphy in Contemporary Egyptian Art, The Egyptian Cultural Centre, Vienna
2006    Body, New Falaky Gallery, The American University in Cairo, Egypt
2005    Recent Works by Egyptian Artists, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2005    Imagining the Book, Library of Alexandria Biennial, Egypt
2004    Ramadan Lights, Goethe Cultural Institute and Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2004    Hybridity, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt
2002    Imagining the Book, Library of Alexandria, Alexandria, Egypt
2002    Collage, Atelier du Caire, Cairo, Egypt
2002    The Palm Tree, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
2001    Cairo Modern Art in Holland, Fortis Circustheater Gallery, The Hague
2000    The T-Shirt, Mashrabia Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
1999    Mixed Media Works, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
1998    Four Women Artists, Townhouse Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
1998    Women Artists of the Mediterranean and Black Sea, Salonika, Greece
1997    Perspectives, Atelier du Caire Gallery, Cairo, Egypt
1997    Biennial for Women Artists of the Mediterranean, Marseille and Arles, France