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Saad Yagan

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Saad Yagan

" ... Men are preoccupied with two things: politics and sex, that’s why many of my paintings depict men either having heated political debates or dreaming about – often nude – women. My art is universal as it portrays human feelings and psychology. Love, jealousy and other human feelings are the same whether you are in Japan, Denmark, Syria or Sudan. From boredom, to depression, to loneliness, I want to reveal what people are thinking. People mix in coffee shops and public places but deep down inside, they have a completely separate psychology and are each on their own. My main aim is to illustrate oppressed people who are aware of their problems but unwilling to find a solution. I want viewers to receive that message and think whether maybe they can do something.Wherever there is a humanitarian crisis, the message in my paintings applies ... "

Personal Data

1950 Born in Syria

Education& Scholarships

1964 Graduated from the Plastic Arts Center, Aleppo
1970 Attended the Faculty of Fine Arts and was the first among the admitted students.


1967 Earned the Medal of Merit of the Cotton Fair
1986 Obtained first prize at the order of Engineers Exhibition in Aleppo on the subject of Environment pollution


Private Collections in Syria, Lebanon, the Middle East and Europe.


1969 The Gallery of the National Museum, Aleppo, Syria
1971 The Gallery of the Soviet Cultural Center, Damascus, Syria
1971 The Plastic Arts Center, Lattakia, Syria
1971 "Denial" a black and white exhibition in the Gallery of the National Museum, Aleppo, Syria
1972 "Three Artists from Aleppo" exhibition in the Gallery of Dar El Fann and El Adab (Art and Literature House) in collaboration with Louai Kayyali and Wahid Maghariba, Beirut, Lebanon
1973 The Gallery of the Bar of Association, Aleppo, Syria
1974 The Arab Cultural Center, Damascus, Syria
1974 Designed the decorations of the Aleppo Drama Season.
1974 Collective exhibition held in the Contact Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
1977 Roaming exhibition at the Arab Cultural Center, Damascus, Syria
1979 The Canadian Organization of Overseas Fairs Ltd., Montreal, Canada
1981 The Gallery of the French Cultural Center, Damascus, Syria
1981 The American Cultural Center, Damascus, Syria
1981 "Watercolors" in the Cultural Aggregation Gallery Al Furat, Nicosia,Cyprus‬
1983 The Arab Cultural Center, Damascus, Syria
1984 "Modern Arab Art Exhibition" held in the gallery of Cultural House, Montreal, Canada.
1986 The Catholic Youth Gallery, Aleppo, Syria
1987 Ornina Gallery, Damascus, Syria.
1988 Ornina Gallery and in the Annoqta Gallery, Aleppo, Syria
1989 Ashtar Gallery, Damascus, Syria
1990 Atassi Gallery, Homs, Syria
1991 The Gallery of Monika Pasck. Hamburg, Germany
1992 "Watercolors" in Annoqta Gallery, Aleppo, Syria
1993 Ashtar Gallery 2, Damascus, Syria
1994 "Watercolors" in Levon Chante Gallery, Aleppo, Syria
1995 "50x70" Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon
1997 "The Gilgamesh Epic" in Al-Jabiri Gallery, Aleppo, Syria
1997 Black & white exhibition inQawaf Gallery, Aleppo, Syria
1998 "The Deluge and Women", watercolor exhibition in Shoura Gallery, Damascus, Syria
1998 "The Gilgamesh Epic" in the Four-Season Gallery, Los Angeles, USA
1999 "Toward a Modern Aleppo icon" inAlsayed Gallery, Damascus, Syria
2000 "Tarab in Aleppo" in Ashtar Gallery, Damascus,Syria
2001 The Art Gallery in Abdullah Alsalem, Kuwait
2002 Liberation – the problem of a Palestinian Family) in Attasi Gallery, Damascus
2003 The Unesco Palace, Beirut, Lebanon
2004 "The Wall" at Fateh Al Moudaress Gallery, Damascus, Syria
2004 "Women & Flood" small painting exhibition and book signing in Dar Kalimat Gallery, Aleppo
2005 "Saad Yagan Diaries 2005" in Ashtar Gallery, Damascus, Syria
2006 The Arts Syndicate with the Canadian Artist Bernie Sorge, Aleppo, Syria
2006 The Liberation Exhibition -Humanitarian Document For 2006” in The Public Park, Aleppo
2007 The Art Form Gallery in Montreal, Canada.
2007 "ART FROM SYRIA" at the American University Museum In Washington D.C.
2008 "A Thousand and One Nights" - in the Art House Gallery in Damascus, Syria
2009 "Music" in the Art House Gallery in Damascus, Syria
2011 The Art House Gallery in Damascus, Syria
2013 "Selections of Saad Yagan" at Orjowan Gallery, Beirut, Lebanon.
2014 The Mark Hachem Gallery in Beirut,Lebanon

Painting oppression from Aleppo

By Maya Sioufi, Executive Magazine