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Waaed Qwayder

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Waaed Qwayder

Surrealism, which for many years seems to be taken for granted, identifies with our daily events and our dreams. There is no return from all our dark memories. We just continue on, as these memories become the rock solid basalt foundation of all life’s details, and the taste of joy becomes always bitter, enveloped in instability and pre-woven with disappointments.

Born in Syria in 1990,she received a bachelor's degree in painting and drawing in 2013 from the Fine Arts University of Damascus, Syria. After the onset of war in Syria, she relocated to Lebanon and then settled in Jordan. Waaed has held several solo exhibitions in Syria, Jordan, Egypt and Beirut, Her painting “The World at War” has been chosen to be displayed among the permanent collection of the Jordanian National Gallery of Fine Arts. Her surrealist drawings and paintings focus on the human figure, whether in mutilated fragments, abstracted natural shapes or as composite elements in surprising hybrid forms.

  • Moustafa Ali  Gallery - Syria 2013
  • Spring Exhibition - Syria 2012-2013
  • Al - Sayed Gallery - Syria 2013
  • The Corner Art Space - Amman, Jordan 2018
  • CAB Art Symposium - Amman, Jordan 2019
  • Hindiyeh Symposium - Amman, Jordan 2019
  • Objects of Exhibition - Jordan National Galllery 2019 
  • Egypt International Art Fair - Cairo, Egypt 2020
  • Amman Art Fair 2021
  • Art Workshop in Castle Syria, Syria 2013-2012
  • Space gallery ABC, Beirut Lebanon 2022