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Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach - Florida

Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach - Florida

A Selection of Contemporary Egyptian Art

Curated by Ehab El-Labban

Artists: Adam Henein Adel El Siwi Armen Agoup Essam Marouf Khaled Hafez Nagla Samir Sameh Ismail.

Art is a human phenomenon that reflects the culture of an artist’s society form her/his subjective point of view.

Taking into consideration the role art can play as an explicit guiding model of the society, this collective aims at displaying an in-focus representation of the Egyptian art scene, through showcasing art works by some of the most prominent and innovative trans- generational artists, reflecting a diversity of disciplines and trends, that help reform a more concise understanding of Egyptian contemporary art.

This collective brings to mind the pleasant experience of witnessing the rainbow, indulging in a complementary spectrum of colors that form a mental image resembling the Egyptian art scene.

As reflected through their work, these artists express their own visions, and cultural interpretations, while raising questions that transcend social and cultural boundaries. Syra is proud to bring to the cultured audiences in the West a glimpse of a different world through the eyes of those talented artists. “