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Haya Al- Hossain’s "Confrontation of Myth"

Haya Al- Hossain’s "Confrontation of Myth"

13 April – 04 May, 2017

Opening Reception to meet the artist
13 April from 6 - 8 pm 

SYRA Arts is pleased to present a solo show for one of the unique and young female talents from the Middle East, Saudi Arabian artist Haya Al-Hossain.

The character of an angel dominates this series of paintings. Angels are presented in traditional Western artwork as symbols of religion and spirituality. These paintings examine the relationship of “the Angels” with the environment they currently find themselves in. In a way, they represent myths that are confronted by reality and embody the difference between religion and spirituality. Are we truly living in reality? Sometimes dreams are more realistic than actual life.

Angels are unseen characters that are symbolized in both religion and mythology. These paintings not only question the differences and similarities between religion and mythology, but also go on to probe human relations in general. There are unseen people in our lives that are as influential as the ones we see and touch and sometimes even more so. However, the angels depicted in these paintings are one-winged. Is it a time of helplessness? A time when things fall apart and not even angels are able to help.

Given the fact that Haya is a non-Western artist, she always finds it fascinating to take on symbols from other cultures and see if she can make them her own. The image of the angel has always interested her. It is a romantic image, yet, removing one of its wings turns it into a tragic, and sometimes severe one.

Haya Al-Hossain: Painter, poet, filmmaker, and holder of a doctorate in Film Studies. Haya grew up all around the world and experienced many different cultures, which has given her the opportunity and challenge to always strive to create a fresh new approach to filmmaking and art in general. Haya has been exhibiting her work since 1998, and has been working in the film industry since 1999. She has gained several awards in filmmaking, painting, and poetry.

The exhibition shall run till 04 May, 2017

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