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Syra Arts is pleased to present, a solo exhibition of works by Arab American artist Manal Deeb. Please join us on November 13th   from 6 to 8 pm for the exhibition opening and to meet the artist.

Manal Deeb is an Arab American visual artist out of the Washington DC area.  Manal had many solo and group exhibits in Washington DC, New York City, Dallas, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.  Her artwork is a reflection of her original identity as an Arab female and the contradiction in cooping with the social living in the US and raising three daughters.  Manal has contributed artwork for the causes of Arab females, women rights in general, and the Palestinian cause.  Her artwork has recently been shown as part of the "Tortured yet Rising" exhibit at the ARC Gallery, Chicago.  The exhibit shed light on the desperation of females in being suppressed but yet continuing to thrive.

Manal studied studio arts at UIC, Chicago, and Psychology of Art at GMU, Fairfax, VA.  Her studies of Fine Arts and Psychology have provided her with the ability to work on her artwork as a self-therapy tool while presenting projects with vital messages reflecting women rights in living a prosperous life.

Manal’s Statement: The soul knows the road map to the person’s life journey and destiny.  The brain registers memories in a movie-like format.  Therefore, the inner beauty shines through, trusting the soul indirectly, to map the future while viewing the memories on a brain screen.  As in poems, songs and movies, the “Holographic Memories” exhibit shall provide the viewers with the soul’s emotional experience along with memory scripts.  “Holographic Memories” is an attempt by the artist, Manal Deeb, to visually merge the soul image with the beauty of brain memories represented in Arabic letters in a symphony of artworks that rhyme.

Syra Arts has been promoting contemporary Egyptian and Middle Eastern art and artists in the United States sine 2011. The gallery, which represents some of Egypt's and the Arab World’s leading contemporary painters, sculptors, and jewelry designers, strives to give a glimpse of the depth and diversity of contemporary art from Egypt and the Middle East, showcasing work by artists of different generations in a range of artistic mediums.

The exhibition shall run till 13 December 2014.

For more information please contact Sylvia Ragheb at (703) 944 3824,