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Marwa Adel ... The Journey

Marwa Adel ... The Journey

Marwa Adel 
The Journey 
10th March – 31th March 2016 
Opening Reception to meet the artist March 10th from 6 to 8 pm 

Marwa was born in Cairo in 1984, where she studied at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Cairo. She has received several international prizes for her photographic work at the European-Arab Festival of Photography in Germany, and the Emirates Photography Competition in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Marwa has participated in many international exhibitions both in Egypt and internationally in Dubai, Sweden, Senegal, Mali, England, Sharjah, and Amsterdam. Marwa's work shows the struggles with conservative family traditions and the restrictions imposed by her male-dominated background. 

In her exhibition, "The Journey", Adel depicts modern Google maps and old Islamic mosques in the backdrop of her photographs. Through this layering of images she portrays the gap and virtual contradiction between the two worlds and how women are trapped because of societal pressure. 

Adel believes women have to be strong to break free from the cage of society's imposed restrictions and embark on their own liberating journey; a unique and individual journey seeking self-discovery and freedom.