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Azza Fahmy ‘Suma’ Collection – Culture 2014 Line

Azza Fahmy Jewelry creates a jewelry collection as a tribute to internationally renowned Egyptian singer ‘Umm Kulthoum,’ (1904-1975) known widely as the ‘Star of the East’ and labeled as the ‘greatest Arabic female singer in history’ until today. The diva has left an artistic legacy behind her and construed a dramatic imprint onto Egypt’s culture in the 20th century, often referred to as ‘Egypt’s fourth pyramid.’ 

A humble country girl with a majestic voice that turned her into Egypt’s ‘Lady’ and knighted her by the King, Umm Kulthoum has been recognized for her strong patriotic and altruistic stances, dedicating many of her concerts to raising funds for Egypt during the time of war in the 1960’s. Umm Kulthoum was characterized by her pitch-black hair, iconic diamond jewels, and signature chiffon handkerchief, the latter now kept at her museum in Cairo. The pieces are all inspired by the icon’s influential persona and many of her individual jewelry items. Many of the words inscribed in the collection reflect on the diva’s sublime music and cultural history in the region. 

The collection features a selection of sterling silver and 18ct gold statement neckpieces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, and rings, with all pieces engraved with documentations as a form of tribute and honor to the poets and composers behind the magnificent music and voice of this Egyptian legend. 

Azza Fahmy says “What more can I say… She’s a role model! A modest woman who turns herself into Egypt’s number 1 lady. I cherish her so much for her admirable artistic, charitable, and nationalistic affairs.”

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