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Essam Marouf at Ward Gallery, Dubai 17 March – 20 April, 2014

Essam Marouf's exhibition showcases the very reason why his work has played a key role in the current Egyptian art movement.
  Marouf has found a way to recall some of the most persistent and pivotal recollections trapped in his memory. These are sometimes of people with faces filled with energy, others haunted by an unknown or filled with gazes of hope or even lost in the obscurity of tomorrow.
We could find all of these conflicting impressions in Marouf's pieces, denoting the artist's extreme sensitivity and perception in portraying all of those varied emotions.  His characters may not be known to us in real life, but we sense their closeness when we meet them. We feel that they live in some corner of life and they might even remind us of people we met in our own journey.
  They are grouped together in many of his pieces, but are sometimes solitary in the space of the portrait, compelling one's total attention and wonder and lacing a connection between one's own mood and the meaning that the artist is presenting.  Essam Marouf's characters are familiar to us; we have seen them somewhere before. When and where - we do not know. But they bring back memories and faces that we have kept safe in our own memories.

Essam Marouf’s works are available at Syra Arts in Washington DC

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