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Guirguis Lotfy Art Talk

Syra Arts organized an art talk for the Ladies Club at the Four Seasons at the First Residence with the artist Guirguis Lotfy. The guests were first taken on a tour of all the art on display at the hotel and then they settled in to hear Dr. Lotfy.

Dr. Lotfy explained how he paints what he lives sees and experiences in his everyday life and from his rich tradition and cultural heritage. He lives in a poor neighborhood in Alexandria, where all houses are stuck together and everybody knows everybody else. His canvases are filled with these crowds going by their daily business. He paints their feasts (moulids), picnics, zars (an exorcism ritual), their mourning rituals, and their legends. 

Dr. Lotfy then went on to explain in detail the kind of paints and the surfaces and canvases that he uses as well as his techniques, the very same ones that were used by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago , which preserve the integrity of color and importance of each brush stroke which cannot be corrected


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