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Press Release – Cairo

The Syra Arts team is currently busy preparing the second collection of contemporary Egyptian Artists to be displayed at the Four Seasons at the First Residence Hotel. It was a testimony to the creativity of the artists, to see how well the first collection was received by both the international and local communities. In celebration of this first collection of its Rotating Art Exhibits, The Four Season held an art cocktail on September 12, 2012. The event was attended by members of the diplomatic community, the press, as well as art enthusiasts and collectors. Artists: Mohamed ArdashEssam Darwish, Ayman Lotfi, Britt Boutros Ghali and Galila Nawar were all in attendance and were able to give guests an insight into their different works. Mr. Essam Marouf was unable to attend as he was in Holland preparing for his coming exhibition in Amsterdam.