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Press Release - Cairo, Egypt

In its constant efforts to promote Egyptian artists both locally and internationally, Syra Arts has recently joined forces with the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at the First Residence to showcase the works of many talented contemporary Egyptian artists.

The collection put together by Syra Arts confirms how Egypt has long been a huge center for creativity with a significant and vibrant art scene and transforms the hotel into a “live gallery“ that offers artists a platform to showcase and sell their art work.

From the minute you step into the hotel, and throughout the public spaces, you experience the eye-catching artwork that ranges from paintings to sculptures and photography by many of Egypt’s top contemporary established artists as well as upcoming talents. The collection includes the works of Essam MaroufEssam Darwish, Britt Boutros-Ghali, Mohamed Ardash, Ayman Lotfi and Galila Nawar. Drawn from different generations, and different artistic styles, they give a glimpse of the diversity that characterizes the Egyptian art scene today.