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Press Release - Cairo, Egypt

The first Egyptian company dedicated to promoting contemporary Egyptian art in the United States will launch at Art Palm Beach 2012

On the one-year anniversary of the Egyptian revolution in Tahrir Square, Syra-Arts will bring Egypt’s internationally acclaimed artists to the US.

Adel El Siwi - My First Flying Lesson 
157x170cms - Mixed Media

Adam Henein - The Ferry
70x92x50 - Bronze 


Cairo, Egypt, 5th January, 2012

Launching at Art Palm Beach 2012, Syra-Arts is a new company dedicated to promoting Egypt’s leading contemporary artists in the United States. Based in Cairo, Egypt and Washington, D.C, the company represents some of Egypt’s most prominent contemporary painters and sculptors, many of whom already enjoy important international careers outside of the US market.

Founded by long-term art collectors, Sylvia Ragheb and Randa Fahmy, Syra-Arts promotes its artists through a busy calendar of events, museum exhibitions, galleries, and fairs in the United States, creating cultural activities to show case the leading protagonists that make up Egypt’s contemporary art space:

<“There has never been a better time to promote Egyptian artists in the US: With last year’s events in Tahrir Square, American audiences got a different view of Egyptians than the one previously afforded by the media. After all, Egypt is far more than its leadership and the revolution proved that. Also, the events of the January 2011 revolution inspired and inflamed Egypt’s art scene, empowering local artists, like never before, to search for new modes of expression and new markets for their art. We see an enormous opportunity.” Randa Fahmy, Co-founder, Syra-Arts   Syra-Arts strives to give a glimpse of the depth and diversity of contemporary art from Egypt, featuring work by artists of different generations, in a range of artistic mediums. The founders believe the first phase of their work will focus on building awareness:

“First, we would like to do a kind of ‘awareness campaign’ around the Egyptian art scene and what it has to offer…There are so many internationally acclaimed Egyptian artists, and equally as many young artists, embarking on strong careers, despite the enormous restrictions they face, socially, politically and economically. We want to honor and promote this, because we believe these artists are the best possible ambassadors for Egypt..” says Sylvia Ragheb, Co-founder of Syra-Arts.

In particular, Syra-Arts hopes to raise awareness, in the United States, around the strength of Egypt’s female artists, as well as artists originating from within Egypt’s rich tapestry of minority groups. These include Armenian artists, who are among the countries strongest painters and sculptors:


“As long-time collectors and cultural operators, we firmly believe that introducing Egypt’s leading artists into America will facilitate a broader process of cultural exchange, raising awareness and understanding between the two countries.”

For more information on Syra Arts, or our participation in Art Palm Beach, please visit: or contact:
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